How it works!

How it works!

First off buy a bottle from the bottle vending machine (if you don’t already have one) or help yourself to a cup.

Then make your way to the milk machine. Simply make your selections by choosing the type and quantity of milk you'd like to purchase. Next, it's time to complete your payment using contactless payment methods.

Once your payment is processed, our milk vending machine gets to work. Behind the scenes, a pump or valve is activated to draw the fresh milk from our refrigerated storage tank. The milk flows through a network of tubes and pipes, making its way to the dispensing nozzle.

Watch as the milk flows from the nozzle into your chosen container – whether it's a glass bottle or your reusable milk container.

Once you've received the desired amount of milk, the machine stops the flow. Now, you can easily collect your filled container from the dispensing area.

We take pride in maintaining our milk vending machine to ensure it operates smoothly. Our sensors and monitoring systems keep a close watch on temperature, milk quality, and overall performance. Regular cleaning and maintenance routines are in place to guarantee a top-notch experience every time you use the machine.

In a nutshell, our milk vending machine offers you a seamless way to enjoy fresh milk on your terms. You get to choose your milk, make a payment, and witness the milk being dispensed into your container – all in a hygienic and efficient manner. We're dedicated to making sure you have easy access to locally-produced milk while promoting sustainability through the use of reusable containers.

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