Mike and Niall Tewson

Our Story

We arrived in Ipplepen in the early 90s, where my parents managed to secure a private tenancy on Crokers Farm. The primary enterprises were sheep and beef, with a small amount of arable land used to feed the stock. As with many farms over the years, diversification has played a significant role in our journey to where we are today, but farming and the love for our animals have always been our core passions.

South Devon Dairy was born when I returned home from New Zealand after a study tour spent milking cows on a South Island Canterbury farm. Despite falling in love with the country, the cows, and the way of life, I knew the unlocked potential my family farm had back in Devon. With that in mind, I made the journey home to Crokers Farm. My idea of converting it into a dairy unit was embraced by my family, and we made the decision to convert in the spring/summer of 2021.

Fast forward two years, and we are now milking 250 pedigree jerseys here at South Devon Dairy. Their new home is purpose-built with cow comfort and health at the forefront of our business. Alongside having an amazing home, our girls spend most of their time grazing on the beautiful herbal leys here at South Devon Dairy during the sunny months. We love to see them out grazing; it's what it's all about.

When the ground can't support the girls any longer during winter, they return to staying inside. They then begin to feed on a TMR (total mixed ration). Their food is entirely grown on the farm, making our process as sustainable as possible. The girls' winter diet mainly consists of high sugar grasses fed as silage, maize, and cereals.

We have big ambitions here, with many plans coming up, so please follow the journey and be part of the story.


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