About our emphasis on hygiene, health, and sustainability.

About our emphasis on hygiene, health, and sustainability.

South Devon Dairy is a true reflection of our unwavering dedication to excellence in farming and the well-being of our animals. Our guiding principle revolves around creating a nurturing environment for our cherished animals and producing top-notch milk, all while placing great emphasis on hygiene, health, and sustainability.

We’re Niall and Kellie and along with our daughter Ottilie and long-suffering staff members Will & James, we are the driving force behind our operation, proudly rooted in South Devon. With an unwavering passion for animal welfare and a strong vision for a more compassionate approach to farming, we've turned our dreams into a vibrant reality over the past two years. We take immense pride in milking our herd of 240 jerseys, and you can see our hard work and dedication reflected in every facet of the farm's daily operations.

Our philosophy of caring for our animals is built upon the fundamental belief that content and healthy cows are the foundation of exceptional milk quality. At the core of every decision we make is the well-being of our beloved "girls," as we fondly call them. Their comfort, health, and happiness are the driving factors shaping our management practices.

Maintaining impeccable cleanliness and hygiene isn't just important for the cows' well-being—it's vital for producing milk that surpasses the highest hygiene standards. We uphold rigorous cleanliness protocols to ensure that the milk we produce adheres to the strictest hygiene regulations.

Our innovative spirit comes to life in our forward-thinking strategies for the future of our farm. We've dedicated substantial effort to building a closed herd, a crucial step to protect against diseases and maintain complete control over the lineage of our animals. This approach is a testament to our commitment to animal health and ensures a sustainable and robust herd for generations to come.

Our dedication to sustainability is evident in our environmentally conscious practices. We're acutely aware of the potential environmental impact of dairy farming and have taken active steps to mitigate it. Responsible management of slurry, including careful storage and spreading, is a tangible demonstration of our commitment to striking a harmonious balance between farming and the environment.

Our innovative spirit extends to the next generation of our herd. We use sex semen to control the gender of calves born, contributing to effective herd management. The heifers are raised in a purpose-designed shed, tailored to their best interests. This further underscores our commitment to creating an optimal environment for our cherished animals.

In essence, South Devon Dairy encapsulates not just a farm, but our shared passion, dedication, and unyielding commitment to ethical farming practices, the well-being of our animals, and sustainable agriculture. Our Milk Shed, an extension of our farm, is a reflection of these values, providing our customers a genuine taste of the love and devotion poured into every drop of our milk.

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